Do you worry about how your company can communicate effectively during this crisis?

I’ve been a journalist for over 30 years.  Previously editor of Travel Weekly and a reporter for The Telegraph and The Mail on Sunday, I’ve also been a regular contributor to numerous newspapers, television and radio stations, and online publications.

Using the skills I’ve learnt, I help organisations with their communications strategies.  I'm working remotely and, when possible, face-to-face.

I help companies formulate plans that are appropriate for this crisis and will help them emerge from it in good shape.


I develop critical messages for their customers and stakeholders that strike the right balance between re-assurance and the needs of the business.


My media training courses show executives how to effectively communicate these messages. Getting this right can be the difference between success and failure.

I provide presentation training for executives, ensuring their content and delivery will engage and influence both internal and external audiences.

Our team produce compelling videos and, where necessary, use footage of executives filming themselves at home, motion graphics and stock shots.


I'm also writing website copy, blogs and reports for companies to back up their strategies.

Before the crisis, I moderated showpiece events for corporate clients - this will continue later in the year.




Communications Strategies

Media Training
Presentation Training



I help clients communicate.

In the COVID-19

crisis, it's critical 

to get that right.

I have a range of clients in different industries, including the following organisations:

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